Saturday, December 22, 2007

Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Cinnamon Roll Bake-Off 2007

A Christmas tradition in our house has been to bake rolls and share with friends and family during the Christmas season. In the early 70's during my fathers brief time with the Miami Dolphins, my mother met a wonderful women who had spent some time living in an orphanage as a child. Every Sunday the rolls were baked fresh for the children to enjoy. The rolls have been a taste that I can remember as far back as a young child. Lacey and I have begun to gather together with Mom and have a big Cinnamon Roll Bake-off. We have 3 kitchen aids running and stay and bake all day. Today we went a bit overboard and baked approximately 270 rolls. By the end of the day we were all so exhausted we froze the last several batches and decided to leave the list of recipients open for now. We were very blessed to have a new member of the bake off join us this year...Carla Hale. Thank you Carla for your help and for preparing a wonderful lunch for us to enjoy as we took a break for the baking.
The children had a sitter with the the majority of the day. They played Wii, watched movies, took a walk, and then made a nice fort and played house. Jack came dashing downstairs to call his Dad. He wanted to ask him how to be a Dad. Jack and Parisa were pretending to be married and have 2 babies.
Branden enjoyed having a taste of the scrapings from the peppermint bark bowl.
Take a moment to brouse the photos. They were all taken on this wonderful day dedicated to a tradition that will keep us together for many years to come.
Live, Laugh, Love

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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

The joke was on me today. After having someone attempt to take our photos today for a family christmas card, I thought I would challange myself with a few good shots of the kids in hopes of one with all three in the photo. Well I quess I forgot to ask Branden what he thought aobut that idea, because he had other plans. Needless to say I was not able to get an acceptable shot of the 3 kids together. Oh well, you win some and lose some. I lost today. It was fun trying though. As a busy mom who is very proud of her little deers, I am also very proud of the christmas outfits I made for Parisa and Branden. It is difficult to see in this photo but Branden has a CHO CHO train applique on the red John-John that raps around and ends with a cabboose on the back. Parisa's outfit is a beautiful yoke dress with imported tatting lace around the neck and sleeves. It really is darling on her.

The rest of the month is focused on enjoying the wonderful holiday season and remembering that everyday is a gift.


Funny conversation Parisa had with her Daddy tonight, Parisa walked into the office where Farzad was working on the computer. She asked "Daddy, what are you doing?" Farzad responded "I am paying the gas bill." Parisa said "Daddy you have to pay for the gas that comes from out bum?"
Great website to check out for those of you that have preschoolers or kindergarteners.....
I hope you all have a very
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year