Tuesday, December 30, 2008


What a great holiday this has been. We started the week off with our annual Cinnamon Roll Bake Off. We probably made around 300 rolls this year in which we shared with friends and Mapco Corporate office. It was a big hit.

Christmas Eve Dinner was at our house with a nice Iranian dish to fill our tummies. Santa was good to the Beladi children this year, as they are now in the DS family of games. OOOOOHHHH I hope I don't regret it. Branden runs along side with his leapster and occasionally tries to get onto the DS games. He is a trooper. 

Christmas Day was at the Steih house where we shot this nice photo of the 5 little monstors sitting on the coach........best we could do as far as getting the kids to look at the lens at the same time. 

Anyway we are now looking at the year behind us. Noah started Kindergarten this year and Parisa is in First Grade. Branden started a 2 day a week program at The Creative Learning center and he enjoys all his classmates and his wonderful teacher, Ms. Kelly. 

Farzad is busy keeping the books in place at work and starting to work on the cords of the Guitar. 

I am just trying to stay afloat. Keep everyone in check, mostly myself. This year has been one of great trials but learned wisdom. I am so greatful to God for being in my life and giving me each day to be blessed with the good and the bad. 

"Mistakes are the road to Wisdom"