Sunday, September 7, 2008

We are off to a busy start to September here in our houseful of 3 children, one husband (thank goodness), a wife and of course Stella Bella. Both Parisa and Noah have been playing some tennis with Dad. Branden is determined to play too. He has an unbelievable drive and is very persistent. Parisa is also taking Ballet and Tap lessons once a week. 

The big news this month is Farzad is turning "40" on September 29th. But SHHHHH he does not want a big fuss. Well good luck because I am going to fuss. You are only over the hill once and it is all down hill from that point on. 

Thanks for taking a look at the good ol family blog. I will try and do better at keeping it up to date. I am going to commit to updating it once a week. See you then.