Friday, October 24, 2008


Wed. the 22 of October Trinity Elementary celebrated the 50th day of school in 50's attire. They had a sock hop in the gym and an afternoon party with music and games. The children were so cute and had a  lot of fun. Parisa is now in 1st grade and Noah in Kindergarten. They are both doing great and enjoying each day. We have begun taking the school bus this year and they both really like the social time it provides for them on the way to school. I pray that they will continue to love to learn.....not only from the good but also the bad. 

Mistakes are the road to wisdom!

Catching up

Branden has been busy this fall going to pre-school 2 days a week and keeping up with his brother and sister. He has stopped wearing diapers and has learned most of the alphabet. Two's are a great time with him and I am enjoying every bit of it. In light of my recent injury, he has been such a trooper. I love him dearly.