Thursday, March 27, 2008

WOW....These little legs are growing soooo fast. It has been some time since I have updated my blog. I was blessed to get a new computer and it is the imac. It has taken me some time to get all my photos transfered over but I think they are all in one spot now. Next, I have to get my music and I will be set. 

My Baby Branden has just turned 2 years old. He is eatting at the table, riding his trike and doing whatever it takes to keep up with the older siblings. I am so proud of him. What a little blessing he is. 

For those who I have not had time to catch up with recently this has been a wonderful Easter. Two weeks before Easter I was Baptized. I am so glad it was a decision that I made for myself. I am so blessed to have found a wonderful peace from the love of Jesus Christ. We have become members at Christ Community Church here in Franklin. What a truly wonderful family to be part of. 

Other big events going on include Parisa learning to ride her bike with no training wheels, Branden has been accepted to Pre-K or really a mothers day out program (for those of you not in this neck of the woods it is not easy to get children in programs around here), and Noah has really found his voice. With Parisa in K this year he has had more time to talk and it really has begun to show. What 3 little blessing we haved.

Farzad is busy at work at Delek US as an assistant controller. He is very busy. We see him briefly during the week and sometimes only briefly on the weekends. He would like more time for Golf and some sunshine with it. The weather here has been crazy ...cold, wet, windy and we are due for a beautiful spring. 

Ta Ta for now.