Saturday, October 27, 2007

Octoberfest with the Beladi's

I had a wonderful time as a chaperone for Mrs. Eckerts Kindergarten class on Thursday. We took a visit to Gentry Farms here in Franklin, TN. The farm has been owned by the Gentry family for over 150 years and continues to be a big attraction for many local families during the Fall season. We played in a hay maze, learned about corn and wheat and then had a wonderful hayride. What a great group. Mrs. Eckert is a blesssing for all the children that she touches everyday. I feel very blessed to have Parisa learning from someone who really loves her to teach. Thank you Mrs. Eckert and thank you children for loving to learn.

The photo of Parisa on the left upper corner was taken at the fall party as school on friday. Parisa had her face painted like a sunflower. The children all had a great time. What a wonderful group of children.

The photo on the upper right was taken this week at Mustardseed Preschool. Noah was the weather person for the day. Noah had to walk to the window and take a look at the weather and then report it to the class and post on the weather board...GREAT JOB NOAH.