Wednesday, October 10, 2007

To Friends and Family

I have been pondering with developing my very own blog for some time now. I recently opened an email and found that this person had put a link to her own blog and I thought "Great idea." When I send an email from now on I will have my blog site on the bottom of the page and those with interest can check in occasionally and see what is happening in our lives. Have any of you heard of Heather Bailey? Well she is a wonderful textile designer. I mention her because I have been following her blog weekly. I am not as exciting or creative as her but it is fun to have a site to check into when you have a bit of free time.Anyway...this is what is going on her in our home. Parisa has begun Kindergarten and loves it. Her teacher is named Mrs. Eckert. I am so proud of her. It is a big adjustment for all of us to get used to 5 days a week from 815-335. Days are short and often a challenge. Noah is in Preschool at Mustardseed. This is affiliated with Christ Community Church. Parisa attended there for 2 years and this is now Noah's second year. He is going WTHF from 9-1 pm. On Tuesdays Noah has soccer practice and saturdays he has games.Branden is with me right now. We do go to the Gym several times a week where he can play for a few hours with others. Branden is very different from Parisa and Noah at this age. He is much more adventurous and outgoing. No fear. What Parisa and Noah do ....Branden does. He is not talking much but more concerned about how things work. No problems communicating. He knows how to get what he wants. 3rd child syndrome.